Why this survey?

We’re working on creating a new software tool specially made for founders who run digital agencies like yours. Our big aim is to make your work easier by giving you one tool that does many jobs. This means you won’t need lots of different software for things like managing projects, keeping track of clients, sending invoices, and making a place for your clients to visit.

We call our new tool “onesuite,” and it’s packed with helpful features:

1. Managing Projects: With onesuite, handling your projects is a breeze. We have features like ready-made task templates for things you often do, reminders for important tasks, and different ways to see your tasks, like lists or boards. And for each project, there’s a special space where you and your clients can work together.

2. Staying Friends with Clients: Building good relationships with your clients is super important. That’s why onesuite has a special tool called CRM (Customer Relationship Management) just for this. It helps you keep track of all your client info and interactions.

3. Sending Invoices: We know that dealing with money can be tricky. So, we made sending invoices easy. You can make invoices that look the way you want, and your clients can pay using Stripe or PayPal. Plus, it helps you see who’s paid and who hasn’t.

4. A Simple Place for Clients: We’ve made a super easy-to-use spot for your clients. They can visit this spot to see what’s going on with their projects and your work together.

Now, it’s your turn to talk! We want to hear what’s on your mind. Whether you’ve had challenges while running your digital agency or if you’ve got ideas for what our tool should do, we’re all ears.