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You can create an NDA and Agreement and share them with the client to sign digitally. Use the document templates to create documents in minutes or less.

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Create & Sign NDA, Proposal,
Quote & Agreements

Improve Internal Efficiency

Standardize your templates and organize documents to streamline internal processes, saving time and boosting productivity.

Ensure Legal Compliance

Keep all documents legally sound and compliant, protecting your agency from potential legal disputes and liabilities.

Enhance Communication

Produce professional documents that improve communication with clients and within the agency, reducing misunderstandings and keeping everyone aligned.

Boost Brand Image and Professionalism

Maintain consistent and professional documentation to enhance your agency’s brand image, attracting more high-value clients and business opportunities.

Protect Your Business with Agreements and Contracts

Effortlessly create professional online agreements and share them with clients. Choose from 100+ vetted agreement or contract templates to get started. Create, customize, send, sign, and shine.

Protect your Document Management to OneSuite

Win More Clients with Professional Proposals and Quotes

Create and share impressive project proposals and detailed quotes that attract clients and secure deals. Start with expertly designed, industry-specific templates, customize them to highlight your strengths, and deliver polished documents that win business with ease.

Create professional Agreements Templates to Onesuite

Simplify Document Signing with E-Signatures

Streamline the document signing process with electronic signatures. Ensure legal compliance, improve efficiency, and provide a seamless experience for clients and team members by allowing them to sign documents digitally.

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Document Creation and Editing
Template Library
Document Storage
PDF Export
Document Sharing
Project Management
Lead Pipeline
Client Portal

$149/Lifetime for 5 Users

Panda Doc ($175/month for 5 seats)
Document Creation and Editing
Template Library
Document Storage
PDF Export
Document Sharing
Trello for Project Management ($30/month for 5 users)
Pipedrive for Lead Pipeline ($60/month for 5 Users)
Wave for Invoices ($16/Month)
FuseBase for Client Portal ($45/Month for 5 Users)

326/month for 5 users

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Streamline Project Documents with OneSuite’s Innovative Features

Customizable Templates

Create, save, and reuse templates for consistency.

Rich Text Editor

Create, edit, and customize documents with powerful tools.

Template Hub

Access pre-built templates for various document types.

Document Storage

Save and organize documents for easy retrieval.

Client/Lead Association

Link documents to specific clients or leads.

PDF Export

Convert documents to PDF format for sharing and archiving.

Secure Storage

Store documents securely, protecting sensitive information.

Online Signatures

Obtain legally binding signatures electronically.

Document Sharing

Share documents directly with clients or team members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our most common FAQ’s are below, if you have more questions feel free to contact us. We enjoy being to able to help and answer your questions with honesty and transparency!

OneSuite’s Document Management Hub includes features like document creation and editing with a rich text editor, access to a template library, document storage, PDF export, document sharing, and electronic signatures.

In addition to the Document Management Hub, OneSuite’s plan includes Project Management, Lead Pipeline, Invoices, Client Portal, and Teams, all at no extra cost.

Yes, OneSuite offers a variety of customizable templates for agreements, proposals, quotes, and more, allowing you to tailor them to your specific needs.

OneSuite ensures that all documents are stored securely, adhering to industry standards for data protection and confidentiality.

Yes, OneSuite includes e-signature functionality, allowing you to obtain legally binding signatures electronically, streamlining the signing process.

OneSuite allows you to easily share documents directly from the platform, facilitating seamless collaboration and communication with clients and team members.

Yes, OneSuite’s Document Management Hub allows you to link documents to specific clients or leads, keeping all relevant files organized and easily accessible.

Getting started with OneSuite is easy. Simply sign up for a plan that suits your needs, and you’ll be able to start using the Document Management Hub and other modules immediately.

Have more questions? Contact our support team or explore our help center for detailed guides and tutorials.

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