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From capturing leads to closing deals, OneSuite gives you the tools to capture every lead, nurture them effectively, and easily close more deals.

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Capture, Nurture, and Convert Leads with Ease

Add Lead with Chrome Extension

User-friendly forms and Chrome extension ensure no opportunity slips away. Eliminate data entry errors and focus on nurturing leads.

Segment Leads

Organize leads with tags, categories, and source tracking. Gain a complete picture to personalize your outreach and maximize sales impact.

Forecast & Close with Confidence

Visualize your entire pipeline, track status, and prioritize effectively. Make data-driven decisions and confidently forecast sales success.

Lead Task & Reminders

Assign tasks, set due dates, and collaborate effortlessly. Ensure every lead receives the appropriate attention at the right time. Streamline your workflow for optimal productivity.

Simplify Lead Capture with OneSuite’s Chrome Extension

Effortlessly add leads directly from your Gmail inbox to your OneSuite Lead Pipeline with our Lead Grabber Chrome Extension, ensuring no opportunity is missed.

Lead Grabber Chrome Extension

Personalize Your Sales Process with Customizable Stages

Adapt OneSuite’s pipeline to fit your unique sales process by creating and modifying stages. Personalize your workflow to align with your business operations and improve lead management.

Lead Stages and Filter

Never Miss a Prospect with Tasks & Reminders

Stay on top of your sales activities with OneSuite’s integrated task management features. Assign tasks, set reminders, and prioritize your workload to ensure every lead is nurtured effectively.

Lead tasks and reminders

Increase Conversion Rates with a Documented History

Easily convert qualified leads into clients and assign projects for immediate action. Streamline your transition from lead management to client management with seamless conversion features.

Lead History

Save Big with OneSuite

Lead Pipeline
Chrome Extention
Lead Import
Customizable Stages
Financial Insights
Project Sync
Project Management
Documment Hub
Client Portal

$149/Lifetime for 5 Users

Panda Doc ($175/month for 5 seats)
Trello for Project Management ($30/month for 5 users)
Pipedrive for Lead Pipeline ($60/month for 5 Users)
Wave for Invoices ($16/Month)
FuseBase for Client Portal ($45/Month for 5 Users)

326/month for 5 users

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Streamline Lead Management with OneSuite’s Innovative Features

Build Relationships

Personalize interactions for better results.

Lead Management

Create, import & manage leads.

Sales Stages

Design your ideal sales process.

Lead Tags

Organize leads by category.

Lead Status

View pipeline progress in real-time.

Lead Source

Track where leads originate.

Sales Priority

Focus efforts on high-value leads.

Lead Details

Capture all essential lead information.

Assign Tasks

Delegate tasks to your sales team.

Task Reminders

Ensure timely follow-up with reminders

Convert to Projects

Seamlessly convert leads into paying clients.

Advanced Filtering

Filter tasks by priority, assignee, or custom labels.

Revenue Forecast

Predict future sales growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our most common FAQ’s are below, if you have more questions feel free to contact us. We enjoy being to able to help and answer your questions with honesty and transparency!

The OneSuite Lead Grabber Chrome Extension allows you to capture leads directly from your Gmail inbox and add them to your OneSuite Lead Pipeline effortlessly. It streamlines the process of lead generation by integrating seamlessly with Gmail.

OneSuite allows you to create and modify lead stages to fit your unique sales process. You can add, rename, or remove stages as needed, providing a tailored approach to managing your sales pipeline.

Yes, you can easily import leads from CSV files for bulk processing and export them in CSV format for backups or transfers. This feature simplifies data management and ensures your lead database is always up-to-date.

Advanced filtering in OneSuite lets you sort and view leads based on various criteria such as industry, source, stage, priority, and tags. This enables precise targeting and better management of your leads.

The Quick View feature allows you to access essential lead details at a glance without navigating away from the pipeline view. This enhances efficiency and enables faster decision-making.

OneSuite employs robust security features, including data encryption and secure transmission, to ensure that all captured data is handled securely and maintains integrity and confidentiality.

Yes, OneSuite includes integrated task management features that allow you to assign tasks with descriptions, due dates, reminders, and priorities. This ensures timely and well-coordinated follow-ups for each lead.

Once a lead is qualified, you can seamlessly convert it into a client within OneSuite. You can then assign projects to the newly converted clients, streamlining the transition from lead management to client management.

OneSuite offers exceptional customer support, including quick responses to inquiries and excellent guidance during setup. The support team is available to assist with any questions or issues you may encounter.

Yes, you can start with a free trial to experience the full range of features that OneSuite offers. This allows you to see how it can transform your lead management and sales processes before committing.

Have more questions? Contact our support team or explore our help center for detailed guides and tutorials.

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