7 Best Client Management Software for Digital Service Agencies

7 Best Client Management Software for Digital Service Agencies in 2024

May 21, 2024

Ready to make your digital agency better? Check out the 7 best client management tools for 2024. This tool will help you work faster and keep your clients happy. Find…

Looking for the best client management software for digital service agencies? With a plethora of client management software options online, selecting the ideal one can be daunting. 

But fret not! 

Our blog will provide concise insights and recommendations, helping you easily navigate the maze of choices.

Discover the ultimate solution to streamline your client interactions and operational tasks efficiently.

What is Client Management Software?

Client management software is like having a superhero assistant for your agency. It organizes all your client info, project details, and communication effectively under one roof. You can effortlessly plan projects, assign tasks, track deadlines, etc. 

Plus, it accurately logs billable hours, streamlines collaboration, and automates tedious tasks so you can focus on being creative and keeping your clients happy. It’s the ultimate chaos-busting tool for agencies!

7 Best Client Management Software for Digital Service Agencies

The software listed below covers from managing personal clients to small business customers. Get details from most of them and find your best fit right away– 

1. OneSuite

Onesuite the best Project Management Software for Digital service Agencies


The starting price of one suite is starting from  


OneSuite is a one-stop project management solution that increases productivity by streamlining workflows and effective communications, speeding up the work process. 

They offer enhanced collaboration, work with discipline and departmental teamwork, and always try to ensure client satisfaction. They are experts at streamlining your workflow, which ultimately saves you time. 


The features of OneSuite are—

  • Allows to manage all business in one place with enhanced focus, efficiency boost, and cost-efficiency.
  • Simple leads pipeline to manage list effectively.
  • Integration facilities with project management to increase productivity, enhance collaboration and satisfy clients. 
  • They follow a centralized agreement hub to streamline workflow, improve client experience, and increase security. 
  • Have an organized client portal for effective collaboration that increases transparency, enhances collaboration, and builds trust and satisfaction toward your brand.

2. Kitchen

Kitchen the best Project Management Software for Digital service Agencies


Starts at $29.00 per month, and a free trial is available.


Kitchen is digital agencies’ ultimate client management software, offering an all-in-one solution that optimizes productivity and fosters seamless communication—centralizing projects and invoices streamlines workflows, ensuring efficiency and client satisfaction. 

With Kitchen, everyone stays informed, minimizing confusion and maximizing clarity, resulting in heightened productivity and happier clients.


Key features of the Kitchen are-

  • Everything in the Kitchen is organized and arranged to make you feel at home. 
  • Every conversation is tidy, like sending messages, sharing notes, keeping chat private, etc. 
  • Kanban boards for every workflow.
  • Exchanging large files with clients and teams. Also allows clients to upload files.
  • Creating, storing, organizing, centralizing, and allowing everyone to review the document. 

3. SPP ( Service Provider Pro) 

SPP the best Project Management Software for Digital service Agencies


The pricing plan of SPP Starts at $99.00 per month with no free plan. 


SPP—Service Provider Pro is a streamlined workflow for billing and projects. It is designed for productized service agencies such as digital marketing, SEO, web design, and content agencies. Its white-labeled client portal gives you satisfied clients. 

SPP provides multiple tools in one place, such as form builders, project management apps, and so on. You can manage your business from anywhere in the world and not even have to install apps, as it works effectively on your browser. 


Some best features of SPP are:-

  • With the Project feature, assigning work to your team is much easier as it does not require data entry.
  • Drag and drop form builder. 
  • Track your contacts, leads, and clients with SPP’s customer relationship management. 
  • Sending client payment reminders, invoices, and updates from the agency’s email is convenient. For your team, it will feel like a shared email inbox. 
  • Service provider pro integrates with many applications, such as Paypal, Zapier, Google Drive, Stripe, Mailchimp, and Google Analytics 360.  

4. ClientManager

ClientManager the best Project Management Software for Digital service Agencies


Its pricing plan starts from $10.00/ month with a free 7-day trial.


ClientManager is a simple client onboarding and management tool for agencies and freelancers.

With the ClientManager, users can systemize the client management process to increase productivity. The ClientManager has plans for all categorized businesses, from small to large. With its drag-and-drop fields, forms can be customized as needed. 


Key features of ClientManager

  • With ClientManager, creating contracts and proposals for new businesses using e-signature and reusable templates is easy. 
  • For agencies, billing is necessary in a timely and efficient manner. ClientManager helps you get paid faster and create invoices in under 5 minutes. 
  • You can see your timesheets in one dashboard, add time entries, and count every minute you spend on your projects, as your rates are automatically calculated. 
  • With its built-in collaboration feature, you can easily keep track of your clients and projects. 

5. Moxie 

Moxie the best Project Management Software for Digital service Agencies


Starts from $16/month and $192 charged annually. With no separate free plan. 


Moxie is wholly tailored to comprehensive freelancers worldwide. 

Moxie provides powerful features to simplify your workflow and timesheets, increase productivity, improve efficiency, and win clients. 

Businesses require tons of moving parts and With Moxie helps you with agreements, proposals, calendars, client portals, and time tracking so that nothing slips through the cracks. 


Core features of Moxie are-

  • Managing client information with Moxie’s client management system is one step easier. Its features incorporate many tools, such as a client portal, communication hub, collaboration, etc., which gives you full control of your client relationship. 
  • Moxie’s accounting tools are a smart package that includes budgeting, invoicing, and expense tracking, so you won’t need to struggle with your business finances. 
  • Its mobile app gives you the feeling of your business in your palm. You can stay up-to-date with notifications, keep track of your projects, and instantly send invoices; opening a time tracker means counting every minute you work for clients. 

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6. Hello Bonsai

Hello Bonsai the best Project Management Software for Digital service Agencies


Starts from $21 per month with a free trial available but no separate free plan.


Hello Bonsai is cloud-based business management software that offers businesses incredible solutions for managing various aspects of their businesses.

It offers many services for digital service agencies, such as client management, project management, and financial management, including CRM, time tracking, invoicing, file sharing, taxes, contracts, forms, proposals, etc. 


The features of Hello Bonsai are- 

  • Bonsai CRM software keeps your projects and clients organized under one roof. 
  • Users can showcase their expertise and sell outstanding customized packages by creating marvelous proposals. 
  • Bonsai offers smart invoicing software to get you paid on time, which is faster and saves you time. 
  • With Bonsai’s Business account, save your profit; no fees are required. 
  • It’s crucial to track your hours; Bonsaii makes tracking your time, client interaction, and projects more accessible.

7. Honey Book 

Honey Book the best Project Management Software for Digital service Agencies


Starts at $8/month with free trial. 


Honey Book is top-tier client management software for digital agencies. It offers a unified platform to streamline operations for small independent businesses. It simplifies business management, from booking clients to managing projects, handling contracts, and sending invoices. 

With intuitive task management features, you can effortlessly track project progress at every stage. Honey Book’s templates make contract creation a breeze, ensuring efficient business management with just a few clicks. 


Key features of Honey Book are:-

  • Honey Book is an all-in-one platform for running your digital service agency. It helps you with everything. 
  • It integrates with tools you are familiar with, such as QuickBooks, Calendy, Zapier, Zoom, Google Calendar, Outlook Mail, AoI Mail, etc. 
  • Its Payment Reminder feature is available to get your payment on time. You will not need to chase your clients for payment again. One more facility is that this feature is customizable. 
  • Users can use templates to sell services, reply to inquiries, attract new clients, book clients, and more. 
  • Honey book makes meetings two times faster as users can schedule time according to availability and share links with clients. 

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Comparative Analysis of the Best Client Management Software 

After a detailed overview, it’s time to compare each in a nutshell. So, take a tour of the comparative analysis of project management software. 

SoftwaresFree PlanStarting PriceHighest PriceBest for
OneSuite$79 lifetime$599 LifetimeAgency owners
Kitchen$29 per month$599 One TimeClient project management and collaboration.
SPP$99 per month$1500 per monthProductized service agencies
ClientManager$10 per month$49 per monthClient relationship and project management
With Moxie$16 per month$26 per monthFreelancers
Hello Bonsai$21 per month$66 per monthFreelancer
HoneyBook$8 per month$33 per monthIndependent business owners and small businesses

Which is The Best for You?

Selecting the right software is key to boosting your agency’s performance. With a clear understanding of your organization’s objectives and requirements, finding the ideal client management software becomes precise.

While many tools cater to specific client niches, OneSuite offers comprehensive solutions. If your agency’s main focus is generating more leads, then OneSuite is the ultimate choice.

OneSuite is an exceptional lead-sourcing solution that enables rapid profit growth. Its versatility makes it suitable for various businesses, including freelancers, marketing agencies, social media agencies, and more.

How Do I Pick the Best Client Management Software?

I considered some key points to identify and list the best client management software for digital agencies. These are, 

  • Pricing Plan: Pricing varies from software to software. Benefits offered by different software should be considered with the price. Compare the pricing with different client management software to match your budget and needs.
  • Customer Reviews: Check all the software reviews and read what facts are mentioned in them. Customer reviews can provide valuable insights into products or services that can influence your purchasing decision. 
  • User Interface: A software’s Interface should be user-friendly and easy to navigate. You should select client management software that is easy to use and does not require technical expertise to navigate. 
  • Integration opportunities: When choosing client management software, it is essential to check its integration with other cloud-based apps. Well-integrated software lessens the need for manual data entry and automates business workflows.

Frequently Asked Questions are Answered

1. What is an Agency Management System?

An agency management system is a (SaaS technology) platform that is specially tailored for service-based businesses to streamline their daily workflow. 

2. What is CRM for Digital Agencies?

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is a powerful software tool for digital agencies that tracks customer interactions and data.

3. Why Do Agencies Need a CRM?

Agencies need a CRM for Customer Value, Productivity Boost, Business Growth, Cost-effectiveness, and Enhanced Communication. 

Boost Your Agency Business with The Best Software Now

Given the plethora of options available, choosing the best client management software for digital agencies can be challenging. However, the process becomes simple with a clear understanding of your needs.

Take advantage of free trials offered by most software providers. Conduct a brief survey, create a shortlist, and test each tool individually to find the perfect fit for your agency.

Note: If you want to increase leads, contacts, and revenue and garner more reviews, look no further than OneSuite. It stands out as the ultimate lead-generation platform for digital agencies.